Yes ANOTHER Bonds article, deal with it. So we are a week into the new season and no one has signed Barry. Yes, yes we know the PR hit, his age, don't need him blah blah blah. For some teams they are set at LF and DH, or already have a large fanbase so getting Barry would just be a unnecessary investment. But for some other teams, seriously. You're too good to sign Barry, you don't need help, you are satisfied with empty seats because it let your true fans be able to stretch out and you can save money on security. I'm not buying it. I wouldn't go so far to say its collusion but its like in high school no one wants to become friends with the nerd because they want to seem cool. But anywho here's my list of teams who should be begging to have Barry but they rather front.

Lets go with the AL first....

1. Kansas City Royals- Last team undefeated huh, maybe things are turning around you don't need Barry...NOT. You need the publicity. Whats the worse that can happen, you finish last in the division, continue to grab top notch prospects that never lives up to the hype, you might sell out a game or two or even get a nationally televised game. The Chiefs suck too, man I would hate to be a Kansas City fan.

2. Oakland A's- What better way to spite the Giants. They should've grabbed him last year when they had the chance.

3. Seattle Mariners- Why not. They blew it with Griff, A-Rod, and Unit are they that satisfied with mediocrity that they would let Barry pass. With all the free walks Barry is likely to get, it might help the M's finally learn how to get some runs.

4. Tampa Bay Rays- Take the "Devil" out their name and suddenly their too good to risk the bad image. But snuffing Yankees must've been great PR. Plus they need a reason to get their attendance above 16,000. But right they think they might actually be competitive this year don't want to damper their "playoff run"

5. Texas Rangers- You gave Sammy a chance and all that A-Rod money you got back and you spent it on no one, you can afford a 10 million Barry rental

You're not off the hook National League...

1. Washington Nationals- He could go to practice and capitol hill in the same day. Talk about convenience. Awfully nice stadium, if only they had a reason to fill it up other than to boo lame duck Presidents.

2. St. Louis Cardinals- Actually I'm not sure. One year they win 100+ games the next they stink up the joint. This could be their "good" year. They could use Barry regardless it adds depth, the manager likes him and they likely won't win the division anyway

3. San Diego Padres- A Barry Bonds fathead (no pun intended) on the leftfield wall would be an upgrade. They should hop on this deal because they are the ONLY team that could make a serious playoff push because of Barry.

4. San Francisco Giants- After all he's done for you...couldn't even let him retire with dignity

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