If you're like me and you've gotten sick of ESPN, sports radio or even ArmchairGM reporting stories that have no purpose, than you'll enjoy the "Who Gives A Crap Awards." I will be giving my opinion every week to sports stories that topped the weeks headlines, but really had no business even being reported. Sometimes the most unnecessary sports stories are reported, and people make it a bigger deal than it really is. Well I'm gonna make it a big deal by criticizing stories that were made into a big deal. We'll start off with this...

Brady's Boot

This was the most over-exaggerated story of the week. I understand that Patriot fans don't want to see Brady with a protective boot on his foot before the Super Bowl, but damn. There's still a week and a half before the Super Bowl. It's not like he has a cast on with a broken leg. New England fans, please don't panic over a damn protective boot. Remember when Tim Tebow won the Heisman Award? He came in with a cast on his wrist and nobody questioned that. But since it's Tom Brady, let's all have a panic attack. The guy went dancing after he was shown with the boot on, so obviously there's nothing wrong with it. I'm sick of seeing all these dumb analysts try and look at the film from the Conference Championship game against the Chargers, and figure out which play Brady injured his ankle. It's ridiculous. They're wasting their time on this. It was just a bad game, and Brady will be back and healthy for the Super Bowl.

O.J. Mayo's receives complimentary tickets from Carmelo Anthony

There was no need for this story got the attention that it got. Even with the head coach of the USC Trojans taking the blame for anything that was wrong, this story was still blown out of proportion. I don't see what's wrong in getting tickets from an NBA player. Would it be a different story if Melo was Mayo's older brother? It probably would. James Dunleavy plays for the Trojans, and he took Mayo with him to a Clippers game in November. Dunleavy is the Clippers head coach's son, and he was able to get free tickets from him for himself and Mayo. I don't see what's so bad about going to a game when an NBA player gives a college student free tickets to a game. Maybe it was a gift. It's not like it was a bribe for Mayo to play good, because Mayo is already having a hell of a year as a freshman. I'm sorry people, but if you think that this is a problem, you're over-exaggerating it. Leave the guy alone.

Maria Sharapova's dad makes an inappropriate gesture

My goodness. Why are people trippin' about a gesture that Sharapova's dad made? I wouldn't understand even if it was Sharapova that did it herself. If you didn't hear what happened, apparently Sharapova's dad was at her match against Justine Henin in the Australian Open, and he made a throat slit gesture after Sharapova won. What's the big deal you ask? I don't know either. People act like he made the gesture towards Henin. Do you really think people are that ignorant? He was obviously excited for his daughters victory. Where I'm from, that gesture either means "It's over," or "It's a wrap." We did it in football all of the time. It's not like we were trying to say that we wanted to kill the other team. Now he has to stay on his "best behaviour" during Sharapova's next match. All because the media feels that his gesture was a threat. I'm sorry you arrogant media from Aussie, but nobody really gives a crap.

The Tiger Woods lynch controversy continues

I swear, if I hear one more damn complaint about how Tiger Woods didn't stick up for his race after those lynch comments, I will hit myself with a damn brick. I'm sick of people whining because Tiger didn't want to address the lynch situation with more assertiveness. And when he does speak about it, people are bitching because he didn't speak soon enough (cough*Jim Brown*cough)? What the hell. Why are people expecting Tiger Woods to take Al Sharpton's place in sticking up for his race? Let the man be. He did speak on it, and he said that he took no offense to what Kelly Tilghman said. Everybody wants Tiger to feel different about the situation, but you can't change a persons feelings. If he feels like her apology was sincere and he took no offense to it, why should he have to change his opinion for the whole African-American community? I respect Tiger for the way he's handling this situation. I don't respect the media and other people for making this a bigger deal than it already is. Just as everything was cooling down, the media keeps bringing it back up. It's like the media is waiting for Tiger to say something wrong to screw up his whole reputation. Look people, if Tiger doesn't give a crap about it, neither do I.

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