This is going to be an odd viewpoint for the Jets beat writer. As a Jets fan, which makes me a Patriot hater, I should want the Patriots investigated to the full extent of the Senator's powers. But I don't. Specter is blowing this was out of proportion and he is doing so to gain voting support.

He is asking for a Mitchell-like investigation. That is totally uncalled for. The reason is the severity of the situation. Mitchell was investigating an illegal act, the use of steroids. Congress has every right to be involved when people are committing illegal acts. This act of the Patriots is nowhere near the level of steroid use. The Patriots committed an act against the rules of football, and if the rules were different, wouldn't be against the rules. They have now been caught, and they were punished. Congress has no business being involved. This week, Matt Walsh made the league aware of tapes they already knew about. Senator Specter has more important things to worry about than the Patriots and the NFL.

Unless of course, he is involving himself to earn votes with his football fan constituents. We have to be aware of his motives here. He has previously been quoted as taking issue as to the fact that the Eagles lost to the Pats in the Super Bowl. Now, look at the article where the Senator states the following:

"I have a different perspective," Specter said. "I'm elected by 12 million people., and a lot of them are Steeler fans. ... Frankly I'm incensed about what happened with the Steelers, and I'm incensed about the notes being destroyed. I really am."

This is a revealing insight into the Senator's motives. He is upset that his teams lost, and he is trying to make the Patriots pay for beating his teams, and earn votes all the while. Nothing more and nothing less. He isn't interested in the integrity of the game, he is an angry sports fan that is annoyed that his teams lost. And as much as I would love to see the Patriots lose everything, he has no business pushing this. This needs to stop now.

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