The second part of reviewing every regional Seahawks announcing crew is here, and I’m ready to bring out the grading.

Game 10 (Game 9 was on MNF, and you darn well know how I feel about them): Bears @ Seahawks.

Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson were at Qwest Field for FOX in what was a 30-23 game for Seattle, but was flexed from NBC to witness a 56-10 butt whipping from the Pats/Bills. Vasgersian is good as he always is, but his grasp of the English language slipped a little bit by saying “fair”. JC Pearson is horrible, I think I’ve made that clear since the first review I did.

Grade: C

Game 11: Seahawks @ St. Louis Elementary

Matty V and JC were in St. Louis for this one. I really didn’t find any problems here, the game was called very well by both men.

Grade: A-

Game 12: Seahawks @ Eagles

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa called this one on FOX. Albert did a much better job announcing this game, Johnston was his usual solid self. Siragusa yet again talked about the game from field level…..go on and make a fat joke if you want to.

Grade: A

Game 13: Seahawks vs. Contenders to Knock off Seattle for 4 years but haven’t actually done it Cardinals team.

Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan, and Chris Myers destroyed what was the division clinching game at Qwest Field. That was single handedly one of the worst pieces of announcing I’ve heard. Player identification was wrong, how much time is left in the game, the whole shebang. They actually paid more attention to the friggin guys fighting on the Seahawks sidelines than the game.

Notable Quotes:

“Tim Hasselbeck on first down” - Sam Rosen

That was the Seahawks on the field, and it’s Matt Hasselbeck.

“Kevin Butler lands on the ball” - Sam Rosen

That would be Kevin Bentley….there isn’t anyone on the Seahawks organization named Butler.

Grade: F

Game 14: Seahawks @ Panthers

Dick and Baldy *snickers* were watching this one on FOX. Stockton is 1660 years old, but that will not stop him from getting excited over a 3 yard run.This roughly translates to “it sucked”.

Grade: D

Game 15: Seahawks vs. Team who lost to Dolphins

The annual Christmas time CBS game was on and Bill Macatee and Steve Beuerlein called this one. Again, not a good performance by the analyst. Beuerlein mentioned Seattle’s 3rd and short situations umpteen times, and once said 3rd and 11 was 3rd and short. Macatee had a good game and he is not a bad announcer at all. When Ravens RB Mike Anderson fumbled the ball (eventually recovered by Seattle and returned for a touchdown), they brilliantly pointed out to us that he said he was down……I would’ve never known even though Anderson gestured towards the ref on camera.

Grade: B-

Game 16: Seahawks @ Falcons

Chris Myers and Jason Sehorn were the Z-team for the game on FOX. I don’t know where to start quite honestly as far as the announcing part goes, so let me do a quick summary. Myers spent some time making old jokes about Morten Andersen, and Jason Sehorn talked about momentum a lot while praising the Falcons as if the Seahawks actually had something to play for. In other words, bad.

Grade: D

That’s it as far as regional announcing goes, from here on out, it will be all national TV in the playoffs. To look at part 1, go here. Go SEAHAWKS!!

This was first written on Stupid Sideline Reporters.

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