I thought there was enough articles on last night Conference Championship games, so I thought I would recap something from yesterday that has probably never even been mentioned on the 'Chair, BOWLING.  Alex writes articles on Snooker, and Cricket, and you guys like it, so why not Bowling???

Well, yesterday while I was waiting for the Football games to start, I turned on ESPN to watch the Motel 6 Dick Weber Open.  Dick Weber was a professional Bowler in the '50's, '60's, and '70's.  Weber died on February 13th, 2005 at the age of 75, Weber was a Bowling pioneer, and was a founding member of the Professional Bowlers Association.  I'm sure some of you have heard of his son, Pete Weber, who is also on the PBA.  Pete is a great bowler as well, and is known to wear sunglasses while bowling.

Mike Scroggins won the Dick Weber Open at Fountain Valley by defeating Chris Barnes 226-171 in the Championship match, Scroggins became the first five-seed to win a stepladder final, since Tommy Jones did in 2005.  Scroggins, the lefty, defeated Pete Weber (204-197), Tommy Delutz Jr. (269-224), Jack Jurek (254-199), and finally knocked off Barnes to take his fourth career Denny's PBA Tour Title.

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“He was such a great guy and for a legend to come up after a tournament and give me press clippings that he actually cut out, I’ll never forget that.  He said, ‘Mike, put these away and always remember how you felt that day.’ He was a special guy and I’ll never forget him.”  Said Scroggins referring back to 2004 when Dick Weber handed him Newspaper clippings shortly after he won the 2004 Baby Ruth Deal Classic.

The PBA Tour heads to Vegas for the PBA Exempt Doubles Classic this week.

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