After David Stern's ridiculous comments at the NBA All-Star game, it is time for Sonics fans (and basketball fans alike) to try and get something done.

Please, if you like the Sonics or not, you should understand that they are a part of the city. They are the one professional team that has won a championship (Storm fans, calm down) and it would be a terrible travesty if they were to move.


Someone has to pay for Kemp's babies

I firmly believe that David Stern and new-owner Clay Bennett are good friends and that Stern will do what he needs to to keep it that way. Stern works for the owners, so we as a fan-base need to step up and do what we can.

Please visit Save our Sonics ( and email the Seattle City Council (

I did and I recieved this email back. (I know it is an auto reply)

Mr. "AOEH"

You are one of a number of citizens who have emailed following press reports that the new ownership group for the Sonics late last week offered the City a $26.5 million settlement to buy out the remaining two years of their lease on KeyArena. I was out of town last week when the offer was under consideration. As such, my information to date is pretty much limited to what I’ve read in the newspapers.

From what I’ve seen and heard, I believe Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis and City Attorney Tom Carr have been doing a good job of representing the City’s interests in these negotiations. I certainly believe they did the right thing in quickly rejecting this inadequate offer from Mr. Bennett’s group.

Like most people in Seattle, I think it would be tragic for the Sonics to leave Seattle, although I am becoming ever more pessimistic about their remaining here. It certainly looks like the intention from day one was to move the team to Oklahoma City.

Professional sports are an important asset for any city the size of Seattle. Taxpayers here have repeatedly stepped up to the plate to help finance arenas and stadiums to accommodate these teams, but there is a limit to what the public should be expected to swallow for the privilege of having professional teams. In this case, I believe the economics of professional basketball are broken, yet cities are expected to help perpetuate the system by building new state of the art arenas that are then declared obsolete in a decade or less, long before they are ever paid off.

Mr. Bennett assumed the legal obligations of the Sonics when he bought the team. They have a lease and should expect to be held to complying with that lease.

Richard J. McIver Seattle City Council

Whether or not, at least I got a response.


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