There will be a new champion crowned this year, after the San Diego Chargers knocked off the Indianapolis Colts in the Divisional round of the playoffs. The Chargers did it with out star running back LaDainian Tomlinson who left in the second quarter with some sort of knee injury. Phillip Rivers also left the game. As he left at the end of the third quarter with what appears to be some sort of knee injury. If Rivers knee is seriously injured then he will play next week with two bad knees.

The Chargers will head into New England next week for a rematch of week 2. They lost 38-14 and L.T. was held to just 43 yards. However the Chargers are a different team and much better than they were in week 2. But in the flip side the New England Patriots are having a great season and are still undefeated. This was the last game ever to be played in the RCA Dome, as the Colts will move all the way next door to a new stadium that is being built as we speak.

The lead changed 5 times as both teams fought it out. But in the end it came down to Peyton Manning not being able to make the final few plays. Manning was intercepted twice in the game and was rushed and pressured much more than he is used to. Manning was also with out his running back for a long part of the game as Joseph Addai left for a while with a head injury. The Colts also were with out wide receiver Marvin Harrison who had not played since October and started the game but sat much of the third quarter and all of the fourth quarter. Reggie Wayne also left when he was hit very hard by a San Diego safety on a third down play that would have kept the Colts alive.

Both teams played a great game that was very entertaining. The Colts season comes to an end, and now the questions role about their off season. The biggest will be whether Tony Dungy will return or not.


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