Not even gone a weekend and already Kelvin Sampson is back in the news. After the game at Northwestern, which the Hooisers won, despite an attempted mutiny, the departed head coach text-messaged several of his former IU players.

Isn't this the same behavior that got him canned in the first place? It's sort of like Wile E. Coyote falling off the cliff over and over. He never learns that he's not going to catch the Road Runner again and Sampson is almost in the same boat. The separation agreement with the university will not be finalized until March 17 and according to an IU spokesperson, the Hoosiers ex-coach has 21 days to revoke the deal that includes provisions which prevent Sampson from suing the university. $750,000 dollars and he's at it again as if nothing happened.

Now he's in a bind that has all but assured him that he will never coach in Division 1 basketball again. This is sort of like the guy that agrees not to date or talk to your girlfriend in high school and he goes back on his word. The players and Sampson need to break ties. Period. The NCAA is at your door, IU. Order the code red before it's too late. Whatever street creds Kelvin Sampson had are gone. No school will even want to touch him unless they put a leash on him and even that might not be enough. The Hoosier program has enough on its plate without Dan Dakich wondering if his authority is being undermined by his players or his former boss.

Number 12 ranked IU hosts Ohio State on Tuesday night in Bloomington at Assembly Hall. It will be Dakich's first home game. I am not sure what the mood will be with regard to the boosters, students and fans. One thing is clear. It's time for the mutiny on the HMS Hooiser to come to an end and time for Sampson to part company for his own good.

And the good of the school.

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