This was first written on Stupid Sideline Reporters, celebrating it's birthday March 21st. Please note this was written last night and modified this morning

With the Pac-10 tournament tonight at the Staples Center, it's time for yours truly to make his predictions.

Opening Round

Arizona 71 Oregon State 44 - Arizona is on the bubble and OSU hasn't won a Pac-10 game in a calendar year.

Result: Arizona 87 Oregon State 56

California 64 Washington 57 - I cannot believe how bad this UW team is. They have no shooting guard, they can't shoot free throws, and the only thing saving them is the fact that Jon Brockman is a beast and Ryan Appleby is still here. Ryan Anderson and Cal should beat them in the rubber match and send UW to a .500 record. Oops, Brockman isn't playing tonight.

Result: California 84 Washington 81....Love Ya Venoy Overton.


Washington State 67 Oregon 66 - Don't get me wrong, Washington State is good. But they have been struggling as of late to the easy teams like UW and Cal. They will win this game by a squeaker only because I think Oregon is a totally different team without Aaron Brooks....and Wazzu beat Oregon twice in the regular season.

Result: Wazzu 75 Oregon 70

Arizona State 55 USC 49 - This is my "upset". ASU are also on the bubble but I like James Harden a lot, and OJ Mayo to me is a turnover machine. They cannot afford to lose this game, because the Pac-10 has teams in which one game is the difference of 7 teams getting in the NCAA Tournament and only 4.

Result: USC 59 ASU 55 (I hate the refs)

UCLA 77 Cal 70 - I really don't care if Cal almost beat them. The only meaningful part of that game was that UCLA had senior day. They already wrapped up the Pac-10 regular season title. UCLA is definitely looking for revenge after falling last year to Cal in the quarterfinals.

Result: UCLA 88 Cal 66

Stanford 80 Arizona 66 - The Lopez Twins > Chase Budinger. Arizona will hope that their tourney streak is not snapped.

Result: Stanford 75 Arizona 64


UCLA 65 ASU 55 - I just can't see UCLA being stopped by the Sun Devils.

Stanford 54 WSU 46 -Lopez Twins > Washington State. Apparently Wazzu forgot that you have to shoot the ball well in addition to being a great defensive team.


UCLA 69 Stanford 65 - Stanford was so close to winning last time these teams met. UCLA is a strong team, great shooters and defenders, but I think they will fall short against Stanford who, Stanford has come into this tournament limping. They seem to be having trouble playing small ball against the likes of USC. UCLA rebounds and wins the Pac-10 tournament for the 2nd time in 3 years.


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