by Difranflyer


Alright i've had enough of the Giants and it's not even training camp yet. Listen, I can't stand that team up there in the NY. Eli Manning the prodigal son who is probably one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL other than Michael Vick decides that he finally wants to be leader. Wow, everybody clap your hands for Mr. Leadership himself Eli Manning. Give me a break, this is coming from the guy who ran away and complained from the dream QB position in San Diego to go the big apple to get drilled.

He said on draft day when he got traded to Giants that he was ready to step up and be a leader, what happened? I think I know, he knew a couple weeks into the season that he made a mistake, let me go over these.

1. Things aren't always greener in New York, especially when your number one pick to be a franchise QB for the New York Giants.

2. He realized what he gave up in San Diego by turning down arguably the greatest running back ever in LT, then Gates, and not to mention their defense.

3. He's mentally capable to deal with the mass media and hysteria that comes with being a potential savior/superstar in New York City, just ask A-Rod how he's sleeping.

4. He's not his brother, who is potentially going to break every QB record there is.

This guy goes out and says that "his" team will be fine without Tiki Barber, ha, let me just grasp that for a moment......ok now i'm ready to believe that I dont even think Eli knows that crap flows out of his mouth when he talks. They will barely finish as .500, i'm sorry Giant fans, prove me wrong! They might even have trouble fighting off the Redskins for 3rd or 4th place. It's a sad day in New York when Eli Manning says it's time for him to grow a set and be a leader.

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