San Francisco Giants (0-2) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (2-0) 10:10 ET

So far the Giants have not looked to great, actually not great at all.  Sure Aaron Rowand has a .571 batting average, but it hasn't helped the giants at all.  In their first two games of the season the giants have fifteen hits, but all are singles.  Yes that is right the Giants have no extra base hits this season and they are averaging one run a game as of now.  Poor Matt Cain went five and two thirds innings yesterday and gave up zero runs.  Cain still ended up with a no decision due inpart to the offense and the bullpen.  The predicted starters for the Giants are...

Manager Bruce Bochy stated yesterday he would be giving Ray Durham and Dave Roberts the day off.  Bruce Bochy seems to be on top of his game right now by not starting outfielder Dave Roberts, a guy that shouldn't be an everyday starter over Lewis and Rajai Davis.  Roberts is nine for fifteen lifetime against the Dodgers starter for the night, Chad Billingsley.  Well actually, Bochy is doing somethign right by sitting the horribly defensive Durham and starting the future of the infield Velez.  He is a very speed guy that has the potential to steal fifty plus bases.  Brian Bocock is a walking fairy tale.  one day he is playing single A ball, the next day Vizquel is hurt and Bocock gets to skip double and triple A ball to play inthe majors for two to three weeks.  He has great flashes of defense and as of right now he is batting .250, but it's expected due to him skipping two levels to come to the majors.  Not really sure on this Castillo guy, only reason he has bene starting at third is due to Kevin Frandsen being on the disabled list.  It'll be great to see Lewis get some playing time, another young face of the franchise.  I am very pleased with Rowand so far and hopes he keep sup his porduction, but some extra base hits would be nice out of SOMEONE.  Very excited to see the first start of the season for Lincecum, but hopefully the Giants can give him some run support.


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