These Olympics are complete joke. No way Michael Phelps would win 9 gold medals if Soviet Union still existed. Now that wall has fallen and political system has changed forever, Russia still good but not good enough against Americans and Chinese athletes. Yes times must change but this is no good for my nation's athletes. Now there is no money from government for sports and we are losing our heros. Once we rule these games but no more anymore. Premier Putin is mob thug and many people die because of him. He is dangerous and people fear him greatly. It is a joke that he is in China when all sports hates him. Now we are at war with Georgia. Does world care? I think not. Americans once feared us. We were superior. We ruled games. Now, we take too many bronze medals instead of golds. Why must this change and work against us? I live in United States now for 10 years. Good luck to all of you in these games. May best people always win despite cheaters and dopers. Chinese cheat. No way girls were 16. What a crime. Thank you very much.

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