Well, we knew it had to end sooner or later, so why not just get it over with? I'm referring to the New England Patriots' regular season unbeaten streak. However, to the Miami Dolphins... Are you f******* serious? It wasn't like the floundering fish won on the final play where Chad Pennington finally decided to throw like a man and his Hail Mary prayers were answered. No, wasn't like that at all, but rather a good ol' fashioned woodshed beat down. Oh, wait a minute... I think Ronnie Brown just scored again! This time, returning a punt.

Aw yes, life without Tom Brady... umm, I can’t help but wonder if the happiest people are in Cleveland today? For the Bill Belecheat that they knew and adored so much has apparently reemerged! Okay, okay, I'll admit perhaps I'm premature with that. All I know is in two and a half games without the Golden Child the Godness like aura that has been attached to Double B has diminished. The two wins this season have been squealers... and yesterday getting out-coached by some first year no name who only got the Dolphins' head coaching position is simply because he's BFF with the Tuna. Not just beating, but running circles around you by running a college gimmick offense, which in turn made you really look like a jackass considering you're a "Defensive Guru". Yeah, some guru. When you have this "deer in the headlight" look the entire game, not having any answers. And Ronnie Brown just scored again!

Let's think back to all that chatter last year, (before the Super Bowl) about renaming the Vince Lombardi Trophy the Bill Spyeyes Trophy... about how Double B is the greatest person to ever put on a headset and prowl the sideline. Um, care to re-think that notion? Look, I know it's just one game and he's won 18 of his last 20... Although, times, oh yes, they’re changing. Yesterday's only the beginning! Hell, if a first year head coach of a doormat team can kick the shit out of the Pats, then, well.... my point exactly!

Truth of the matter, (and this will be argued the entire season), but two and a half games without Brady... well, we can see he's nothing without little Tommy! And that's a fact! Arrogance and BB go hand and hand... and well, looks like that's going to come back and bite ya, Billy Bob! Having arrogance by not picking up a legit back up QB. For the Dog ate my homework excuse, Matt Cassel knows the system! Um, here's a newsflash Bill: the system is chuck it deep to Randy Moss! With the check down being Wes Welker... Yeah, tough system to learn! So tough in fact, a YMCA signal caller can run it. See, there's a reason why Cassel has been and will always be a life long backup! It's not like you guys stumbled onto another hidden gem by drafting him as you did with Tom. And Ronnie Brown just picked off Cassel and took it to the house!

Speaking of a YMCA signal caller, I tend to think he would've carved up the Fish's defense more than little Matty did. Are you kidding me? It's the freaking Dolphins! Yeah, Bill Belecheat is a f***** genius... Yes, sir! But this isn't about what Cassel can or can't do: it's about BB. About BB getting all the glory thanks in part to one Tom Brady, riding his arm and abilities to the promise land. Because if we think back to when Drew Bledsoe's lung got planted into the Foxboro's stadium turf, you were nothing more than mediocre then... and what happened, Brady saved the day and made you what you are!

See, the Bill Belichick that was in Cleveland, that's the real Bill Belichick…And as evident by yesterday's woodshed beating, he's about to resurface this season! In the process of doing so, um, yeah, good luck with that Randy Moss cat! You're going to need it! Lets see how much longer he remains a "swell teammate". Probably as long as you remain God's gift to NFL coaching... as in Not For Long!

This just in... Ronnie Brown just returned a punt to the house!

"A College Coach Celebrity Old Fart Death Match?" Who you got? Bobby Bowden or Joe Pa…Take time to stuff the Pick’em Poll ballot box! Besides it's good practice for the really shit in November...Although this for sure will be more rewarding!

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