The New Year will be here in about 4 more days. There will be drinking and partying and a ball will drop in Times Square in New York City on the 31st. Some people will make resolutions for 2008. If the sports world could give us a peek into their resolutions, what would we see?

The Atlanta Falcons: To find a coach that wouldn't bolt on their team in the middle of the season.

Michael Vick: To be nicer to dogs.

Isaiah Thomas: To be nicer to females.

The Florida Marlins: To find a site for a stadium and start digging.

The University of Arkansas: To not hire any coach that bolts from the NFL.

The NFL Network: To be more accessable to those fans that want to watch games that are on my network.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens: To come clean about steroids.

The NHL: To go to some other network besides Versus.

NCAA Division 1A Football: To have a playoff system!

ESPN: To have women's mud wrestling. Hell, you sorta get tired of watching poker!

NASCAR: To hire more minorites to drive the cars.

Danica Patrick: To play nice on the Indy tour.

Michigan: To not play Appalaichan State anytime soon and get rid of those butt-ugly helmets!

The Miami Dolphins: To use their draft pick wisely, then run the table and restore their honor!

Florida State Football: To make damned sure NO ONE cheats on an exam!

ABC, ESPN, FOX and other networks that show college football: More bands at half and MORE cheerleader shots! Not all of us are interested in what happened in 1957.

The University of Oregon mascot: To NEVER diss any other school's mascot, not even U of H's Shasta!

Rice University: A BETTER HALFTIME PROGRAM against Houston, because the one I saw SUCKED!

Pac 10: More air time. We're too good a conference!

College and Pro Sports: To hire more minorities.

The 2008 Olympics: To be free of drugs and politics.

Baseball Hall of Fame: To let Pete Rose in. He's paid enough!

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