Sunshine & Lollipops

Everyone was saying they couldn’t do it. They’ll never stay in 1 st place; they’ll never finish above the Red Sox and Yankees… blah blah blah Does anyone want to say they can’t win the World Series?  This team has a way to bounce back from tragedy over and over. In July right before the Allstar Break they lost 7 straight, lost 4 straight in the first weekend in September and then lost 14 out of their last 27 games. Then again after losing Games 5 & 6 everyone was all on the Red Sox and how the Red Sox have bounced back in the playoffs against the Indians last year and the Yankees previous to that. Well again they showed this time the World that they could do it. For those of you that haven’t been following these Rays and just assumed they were the same ol’ Devil – Rays that is how they have been winning all season long. The icing on the cake was to have a 2007 1 st round pick that no one has heard of throw the last 4 outs… His name is David Price and he earned a Postseason Win before he has earned a regular season win….


They looked over matched by the Red Sox so let’s see how they match up to the Phillies 

1B-  Carlos Pena - Ryan Howard

31 HRs + 102 RBIs vs  48 HRs + 146 RBIs  Ryan clearly stands out

2B-  Akinori Iwamura  - Chase Utley

.274 leadoff guy vs .292 + 33 HRs + 109 RBIs    Chase clearly is a more all around

SS-  Jason Bartlett -  Jimmy Rollins

.286 + 20 SBs .277 + 48 SBs    Jimmy clearly stands out

3B-  Evan Longoria  -  Dobbs/ Feliz

.272 + 27 HRs + 85 RBIs  vs .270ish + 23 HRs + 98 RBIs    Takes two to equal Evan

LF-  Carl Crawford  -  Pat Burrell

Speedster vs Homerun Guy

CF-  BJ Upton  - Shane Victorino

Both 5 Tool guys to close to call

RF- Rays Platoon  - Phillies Platoon

Too many guys to match up all it a wash

C-  Dioner Navarro -  Carlos Ruiz


SP-  James Shields, Scott Kazmir, Matt Garza, Andy Sonnanstine

Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton

This will be the key who’s pitching will stand up to who’s sluggers

The Rays Pitching shut down a great team and the Phillies didn’t really get challenged

So it’s hard to say….

Bullpen-  Dan Wheeler, JP Howell, Grant Balfour, Chad Bradford

JC Romero, Ryan Madson, Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey

Closer-  Brad Lidge vs Rays Platoon  Clearly Lidge looks more appealing here

So again the Rays look over matched but don’t count them out…..

Why I think they won’t fall like the Rockies did last year

They beat the Red Sox & Yankees to take the AL East and just didn’t get hot late

They are Resilient and can bounce back from what seems to be the deep bottom….

Resilient Remarkable Rays

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