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According to sources at ESPN, Nick Calathes will declare for the NBA draft. However the 6'6" point guard from Casselberry, FL will not hire an agent. This is crucial piece of information because he has now until the declaration deadline to make his final decision. If he would decide to hire an agent, he would give up his right to ever play college basketball again.

My message to Mr. Calathes is this: STAY IN SCHOOL! Yes, you are very talented. I'm sure scouts are drooling at your stats, as well as your size in relation to other point guards. However, you seemed to break down late in the season, somewhere around game 27 or so. Do you know that the NBA plays 82 games in the regular season? You need to bulk up and become more of a pass-first PG. With a premier freshman scorer coming next year in Kenny Boynton, you'll have the opportunity to flourish as a passer and not have to be the prime scoring threat. Another year of dazzling scouts with your ability to LEAD will give you a better shot at getting that lottery pick that you covet.

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