After the playoffs are over, this might be a big topic at the owners meeting. After seeing the missed calls by the umpires so far in the division series, the ALCS, and the NLCS.

What is the answer? So say let's have replay on missed calls, have someone in the booth to call down and tell them that they made the wrong call. Or do they put only the best umpires on the field? They are human and they make the wrong calls. In the game Thursday night, the Angels in the seventh inning were winning 4-0 with two outs and three balls an two strikes. On the next pitch, John Lackey threw a pitch and it was on the low strike line, but, instead of calling it a strike, the umpire called it a ball and the Yankees went on to score 6 runs in that inning and take the lead, 6-4.

What is the answer? This will be something for Bud Selig, the players union, and the umpires to address during the off-season.

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