Replay UFC 100 Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir UFC's New Bad Boy - Now that UFC 100 has concluded another massive and successful event, a few observations about one of the more celebrated combatants have been revealed by many either at the event life or that watched it on Pay Per Vue. Replay UFC 100 Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir  

The man in question is none other than the hulking Brock Lesnar, a giant of a man in stature, but a veritable midget when it comes to intelect. Brash and boisterous in the weeks leading up to the fight, hopefully all in the name of hype and an attempt to sell tickets, but during the introductions and within the match itself, he revealed just how much of an egotistical moron, he really is. New players at Heroes Casino can receive a $10 no-deposit bonus, as well as a 30% Sign up bonus. Use coupon code "SBBP" to claim the $10 no-deposit bonus.  

Whether it's from his WWE upbringing, or from sheer mental defect, he portrayed himself as an insufferable boor, who lost way more fans than he gained . Roundly booed before, during, and after his match with Frank Mir, Lesnar couldn't wait to grab the mike and spew his hateful diatribe. Replay UFC 100 Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir   

As this further incited the crowd, Lesnar, in true WWE 5th grade school yard style, saluted the crowd in a classic two handed gesture, insulted his sponsor while drinking the competition's adult beverage, and in a coup de grace, went on to vilify his wife with a completely,  unnecessary rude comment. Easy Deposit Bonuses -Once your deposit is processed, your CASH bonus will be available for wagering within minutes.

 After having beaten Frank Mir into submission, the classless Lesnar, scowled over his beaten opponent, and taunted him as he sat on his stool in obvious pain. As we mentioned, this is the kind of unconscionable behavior that Vince McMahon teaches all his " wrestlers", but it is this kind of visceral theatrics that are not needed in the UFC. Brock Lesnar needs to be reigned in quickly, read the riot act, or be booted from the UFC, before he does irreparable damage, and ruins this sport.  Replay UFC 100 Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir UFC's New Bad Boy. Check the site daily for updated UFC 101 and UFC 102 Odds.  

On UFC fight night you will see many styles of fighting, which includes jiu-jitsu and different forms of wrestling and boxing.  It all has to do with a fighter getting leverage and positioning to take his opponent down. When betting on UFC fighting you must look more deeply into the UFC betting line because the underdogs do very well in this sport.  In boxing you will see more of the favorites winning, which not true with UFC fights.  Very often you will see the underdog come out on top.  So if you are thinking about getting into UFC betting, you should study up on these fighters and their different styles. Bet on UFC 101 with


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