Michel Therrien has been let go as the Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The move was made public late Sunday evening as I was watching some guy digging grubs out of trees in the Australian Outback on the Discovery Channel down in the recreation room.  The only reason I knew it had occurred is that Mrs Gunny, who was upstairs watching something in the study, decided to ring my cell phone and inform me of the news.  She was a bit surprised that I was not shocked.  She was taken back a bit when I asked "Is this how we are going to communicate when we are watching different TVs?"  She then laughed and said she was too tired to come to the stairs and get my attention, sweet lady.

Anyways, the question now beckons who will be the long term replacement for the departed Therrien.  Here's a quick look at some possible candidates that General Manager Ray Shero may be considering.

Dan Bylsma - Bylsma is currently holding the interim tag for the Flightless Birdies.  He made his NHL coaching debut yesterday as the Pens lost to the New York Islanders 3-2 in a shootout.  Bylsma comes to the club via their farm club the Baby Penguins.  He had been serving as that club's head coach.  Given that, he is more than familiar with some of the talent on the parent club.  I did like his post game interview where he emphasized the need for the Penguins to play to their strengths, i.e. speed, and also to get pucks to the net.  The Penguins did set their season high water mark for shots on goal against the Islanders.  Overall I don't think Bylsma is the leading candidate for the job but if the Flightless Ones do get on a roll and make the Stanley Cup Playoffs he may force his name onto the short list.

Todd Richards - Currently an assistant with the San Jose Sharks, Richards also coached for the Baby Pens.  With San Jose riding a crest of success this season their assistants will surely be looked at closely for any vacancies that do arise.  Richards is in charge of San Jose power play which is ranked second in the league.  He certainly has the credentials and the handling of the power play is a plus.  One thing the Penguins have sorely missed this season is a power play with some teeth.

Pierre McGuire - Yes that Pierre McGuire, former head coach of the Hartford Whalers, now annoying commentator for TSN and NBC.  All I can say to this one is; please God don't let this one happen, Amen.

Kevin Constantine - The former Penguins head coach may not be a media front runner but I for one would love to see him return to the club.  Constatine has been criticized for his hard nosed handling of players but I think he may be the perfect choice for this group of players.  He has meticulous attention to detail backed up by hard evidence, a relentless evaluator of video evidence to improve performance.  At present he is coaching the AHL's Houston Aeros and I think the club would improve immensely under him, I am just hoping he gets consideration.

Shero's list may not even resemble the above one, it's derived mainly from media speculation which is all we as fans can really go on for the time being.  I do believe that Shero will take his time in getting whom he thinks is the correct man for this position.

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