David Ortiz was found to have tested positive for the 'anonymous' 2003 steroid list, along with former teammate Manny Ramirez. They join Sammy Sosa and Alex Rodriguez as names that have been leaked from that list just this year. That leaves about one-hundred names yet to be revealed, and you've got to hope they don't keep on releasing these names one or two at a time. Yes, steroids are banned, blah blah blah, but this test was in 2003, and there are a lot more players who are still in the dark. Is there a plan to personally humiliate each one of these guys one by one? As guilty as the players are, MLB has to admit that this qualifies as entrapment.

If they would give the rest of the names up, we all know we'd see it on ESPN, along with all the news stations. We'd see the names, and we would make our judgment as a whole. Do you think it's a coincidence that Ortiz and Ramirez were revealed together? Come on, that's a bread and butter news story. They were the saviors of Boston baseball, they broke the curse and every Yankee fan's heart many times in the last few years (I'd know). Whoever is responsible for giving out the names is doing so to make a splash in the sport. They sure are succeeding. They waited just enough time for Ortiz to break out of that terrible slump he began the season with.

Release the list. Baseball is American sport, but lately, it's been more like the Great American Scandal. We need to put that generation of players behind us, but that cannot begin until this list is cleared. Baseball is a sport full of heroes, and we need to know who we can believe in. Don't make the fans suffer for those idiotic players who made bad decisions. Give us fans a chance to embrace the sport we once loved. 

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