There is peace after all. The Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball have decided to end their "lover's spat," as was reported earlier today and will board a plane from Fort Myers to go to Japan.  A misunderstanding over whether the Red Sox's coaching, training and clubhouse staffs would receive stipends for making a trip to Tokyo got resolved about 40 minutes after the scheduled start of the game. The players rallied around their coaching staff, trainers and clubhouse staffs after MLB decided to show them the money.

$40,000 is the ammount that they will be getting for their trip to the land of the Rising Sun as a stipend. Not a lot of money, when you think about it. But at the same time, the support staff (coaches, trainers and clubhouse guys) are the lifeblood of a Major League Baseball team. They are the ones that you don't see behind the scenes. Also beware of the fact that they are not covered by the same agreement as players, because they are not members of the MLBPA. But they are just as important. Think of them as the background singers and the team as the stars. The Red Sox did the right thing and they are to be applauded for their stand in this matter.

With the matter resolved, there is peace in the valley and Red Sox Nation. Now the fans in Tokyo will get to see one of their own, Daisuke Matsuzaka, take to the mound in the Toyko Dome against the Oakland A's when the two teams meet March 25-26.

Hate them or not, the Red Sox manned up and supported their own.  Banzai!

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