Freedom isn't free It costs folks like you and me And if we don't all chip in We'll never pay that bill Freedom isn't free No, there's a hefty in' fee. And if you don't throw in your buck 'o five Who will?

Who are the big free agents left?

For now let's exclude Franchise and Restricted free agents

1)Randy Moss 2)Michael Turner 3)Antwan Odom 4)Calvin Pace 5)Alge Crumpler 6)Maurice Williams 7)Rod Coleman 8)Rosevelt Colvin 9)D.J. Hackett 10)Clark Haggans

The market has certainly thinned out, however theres still a lot of talent to be had.

Obviously you can't discuss Free Agency without mentioning Randy Moss.

I would be shocked if he didn't end up a Patriot next year.

Every team in the league would to have Moss, that's a given. But what Moss are you getting?

Are you getting motivated 23 TD Moss? Or Oakland lolly gagging Moss?

For the money he is going to command it is a huge risk to bring Moss to a team that doesn't have either; A) Championship hopes or B) A strong locker room presence.

So besides the Pats I see only a few potential suitors for Moss; Green Bay and Dallas.

Dallas doesn't seem to have the cap room and only god knows how the Owens/Moss tandem would turn out. Green Bay seems logical, especially with the year to year status of Farve, however you wonder if interest is mutual. Green Bay has done a wonderful job assembling young talent and acquiring draft picks. I don't know if they'd risk upsetting their young nucleolus for a 31 year old receiver who's going to command 10 million a year (Remember they go deep at WR right now with Driver, Jennings, Jones and Robinson.)

The one wild card suitor for Moss could be the Jets. Before I go any father this has about a 0 percent chance of happening....but it's certainly fun to think about. Moss would love the attention/endorsements that come with playing in NY, he'd get to have two revenge games against the Pat's every year, and he'd be reunited with former college QB Chad Pennington.

...We are!

The Jets certainly have the money to make it work, and if you factor in their other additions and a top 10 draft pick...well it certainly starts to make you think.

The other guy on the above list I'm surprised to still see around is Michael Turner.

Last year when he was a RFA there was talk he might be signed and traded. Now on the free market he's been getting little play.

What can we attribute this to?

For starters this is an insanely deep running back year and teams think they can get first round talent at RB as late as the mid 2nd round.

Secondly teams more and more seem to be less inclined to spend big bucks as a position that is viewed as both interchangeable as well as having a short life span.

I'm shocked that the Texans haven't shown interest in Turner. He seems like he would be a perfect fit in an offense with a ton of potential. It'd also free them up to use their first round pick on other needs.

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