I do not think any of this holds any weight beyond the fact that these are some random nuggets that stand out to me. please enjoy ; )

  • Miguel Cabrera posted an .OPS under .900 for the first time in four seasons as well as his lowest slugging percentage over the same period. Yet he lead the American League in home runs. A feat he never accomplished in the national league.


  • These two outfielders were drafted eight rounds apart according to ADP and the margin will probably be just as wide this season.
  • Player A: .280/9/98/47/50 in 145 games player
  • Player B: .310/6/103/42/34 in 162 games player
  • Player A is Jacoby Ellsbury, a rookie who was considered somewhat “disappointing”. Player B is Ichiro, a player who is still considered a tier one talent. I guess my question is why?


  • Rich Harden finished fourteen innings short of qualifying for the league leaders in regard to pitching stats. However no pitcher, including Lincecum and Sabathia was nearly as dominate. If he qualified he would have lead all of baseball in the following: ERA, K/9, .BAA,  and tied with Halladay in WHIP. More over he got hitters to swing and miss over 15% of the time. He was a full 2% percent ahead of the league leader in strikeouts (Lincecum) in that regard.


  • Josh Beckett posted the best K/BB of his career, and the fourth best in all of baseball. Yet he was considered a bust this season. Unlucky anyone?


What does it all mean? That this was truly a unique and awesome season for fantasy baseball. And as these four little nuggets show weird things happen over the course of a 162 game season.


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