Okay, let's put the cards on the table.

I am not a New York Mets fan and never will be, not since we had some run-ins with some of their minor leaguers in Macon some years ago, where they destoryed the visiting clubhouse. I was working with the Macon Pirates, when Jose Lind was playing for them and our assistant GM was not happy when she saw the damage and raised hell. I take delight when they lose (especially to the Yankees and the Braves), I confess that freely. If I smoked, I would be lighting up one of Castro's finest like Red Auerbach.

Their fans are, to say the least, the worst behaved, when it comes to visting players and their fans. Then you have the management, which is clueless and wouldn't know what end was up if you showed it to them. The latest move of the firining of Willie Randolph while the team was on the West Coast and then annoucing that firing in an e-mail at 12:14 a.m. PDT Tuesday.  Granted, general manager Omar Minaya did tell the former skipper the news but the way he told the media was BUSH LEAGUE! MAN UP!

Minaya has been listening to fans at Shea Stadium screaming for Randolph's head, like the crowd screaming for Barabbas at the crucifixion of Christ. You got your wish. I only wish that Minaya had done it sooner instead of Randolph looking over his shoulder constantly. It's one thing to fire someone. It's another to make the announcement by email. You can't fire 25 players. I will grant you that. The Mets handled this about as well as a hand grenade without the pin.

I hope that the next resignation is Minaya's. Maybe he needs to fall on his sword also. After all, he signed some of these players and they're not producing like they should. He should take some if not all of the blame. It's too late to get Willie back. At least do the right thing, Minaya and the Mets and restore some dignity so I can at least start liking you when you were the Mets of Seaver and Koosman. Those were the Mets I knew and loved. This team now is sort of like the homecoming queen that was slender and pretty and you go to the class reunion and she's fat, chain smokes, been married six times, has three kids and lives in a trailer park. That's not what I want or the fans. Restore some order and honor while you still have time.

Yes, you're still hurting from blowing that lead late last season. Yes, you have an aging team that's not going to get any younger and yes, your farm system has been depleted. The only saving grace you have right now is the fact that you're getting a new stadium.

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