Today two individuals, politically opposed to everything unless it is their way, made a statement to the media that Limbaugh should step back from purchasing the Rams.  Well,  I was raised a Rams fan in L.A. when they came from Cleveland and remember all the good teams and bad and when they moved to St. Louis.  Both these two church leaders should without question,  Shut their collective mouths.........They have nothing to do with the NFL and should keep out of it. If they want the Rams then let them put up their money. 

I for one am getting very sick of both these two shooting off their mouths whenever they seem fit.  Now is not the time or place for such people and lets get on with the business of the NFL and get the Rams with some management that knows how to win and wants to win, no matter where they play.  Either in St. Louis or Los Angeles or wherever, just do it and bring another NFL team back from the brink of becoming worse then Oakland. 

I really don't understand what these two think they are doing talking about Rush or another one for that matter.  He could be a good owner and at least he is willing to put up his money to bring the team back from the dumps of the NFL.  The Rams are one of the richest team with great play in their history.  If the Rams are for sale then who ever has the money let them make a offer and be done with it.  If the people in Los Angeles wanted a team they could have had one years ago but no one wants to put their own money into a stadium or to rebuilt one to play in.  

I say  to hell with the two big mouths and let the bigger mouth get at least a try at it.

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