This story came across my desk by way of ESPN, and the AP, and all I could do was shake my head in disgust once I read it.

To sum up the article, D.C. United goalkeeper Louis Crayton was approached by a fan after his game against the Houston Dynamo in Houston Texas. Louis was greeting fans outside the clubhouse when the fan (whose name has yet to be released) approached Crayton and told him "Hey you're a monkey go back to the jungle."

Crayton was upset and went after the fan to find out why he would say such a horrible thing. Security escorted the fan from the park and his tickets have been revoked and he is no banned from the stadium.

The fact that something like that could take place in the United States in the open is sadly not surprising to me. It hurts and it makes me feel uneasy about the country that I live in that something of that nature can still take place, but again sadly my discontent and lack of faith in humanity make me realize that that instances of this nature take place all across this country everyday. Truly it is sad that we still live in a society where someone can think that this behavior is acceptable.

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