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03.04.08 --Patriots: The Patriots have re-signed Randy Moss to a 3 year contract. The Eagles were the reported closest competitor, but Moss elected to stay where he enjoyed the most success of his career. This move makes Moss the #1 fantasy wideout going into next season, and Tom Brady the #1 fantasy quarterback next year with Moss and Welker to throw to.

--Buc's/Texans/Cowboys/Titans: Following his release by Atlanta Warrick Dunn appears to have options. Tampa Bay, Houston and Tennessee have expressed interest in Dunn, while Dunn has expressed interest in Dallas. Each place Dunn appears to be the backup or 3rd down back, but he could end up starting in Houston making that his best fantasy landing spot. Regardless, Dunn doesn't appear to be more than a #3 fantasy back or handcuff. --Seahawks: TJ Duckett is in the middle of contract negotiations with Seattle. If he leaves Detriot the Lions would almost be forced to bring back Tatum Bell with Kevin Jones returning from injury. In Seattle Duckett would likely get all of the short yardage and goal line carries eliminating any fantasy value Shaun Alexander might have left. Duckett still wouldn't be more than a #3 fantasy back. Side note: Kevin Jones is reportedly ahead of schedule recovering from his knee injury, but Detriot has to be thinking running back early in the upcoming draft.

--Browns: With their never ending supply of off season funds the Browns threw big money at Donte Stallworth to become their #2 WR. This move will increase the value of Derek Anderson, increase the value of Braylon Edwards, and make Stallworth a startable #3 fantasy wide receiver.

03.03.08 Weekend free agency summary --Titans: Alge Crumpler signs a 2 year deal to likely become Vince Young's favorite target. They'll continue to attempt to address their wide receiver needs, but Crumpler should get his targets. Ultimately this is a marginal fantasy increase for Young and keeps Crumpler as a startable, yet low-end fantasy TE.

--Patriots: There is still no agreement in place between Randy Moss and the Pat's. Moss is reportedly shopping himself at this point, but the smart money is still on him re-signing in New England after the record breaking season that was due to BOTH Moss and Tom Brady being on the roster. If Moss re-signs he will remain the #1 fantasy receiver and Brady will remain the top fantasy QB. If Moss doesn't sign, Brady slips to 2nd or 3rd at least and Moss's ranking will be dependent on his landing spot.

--Falcons: In what will be one of the more interesting free agency signing to watch, Atlanta has ink'd the top free agent running back in Michael Turner. Turner has been arguably the best backup in the league the last couple of years, but has never proven himself as the #1 back in an offense capable of carrying the full load. Warrick Dunn has already requested, and will be granted, his release. It appears Turner will start and carry the bulk of the load and Jerious Norwood will act as the Falcons change of pace back. We see Turner as a legit #2 back with the upside of a #1 back if he lives up to the hype.

--All 32 teams: Every team in the league has at some point been rumored to have interest in Javon Walker. Interesting for a WR that missed most of last year and is rumored to need microfracture surgery on his knee.

--Vikings: Bernard Berrian has left Chicago to sign with division rival Minnesota. Berrian is a solid receiver, but with the likely starter at QB to be Tarvaris Jackson Berrian will take a fantasy hit. The Vikings new number 1 receiver is probably better suited as a number 2, and Jackson maybe be the worst starting fantasy quarterback in the league.

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