"Quick Hits" by Baltimoresports247 is a weekly column that will cover all things sports...and other stuff. I'll ask short questions about anything that's on my mind, and anyone reading should feel free to respong in the comments section. My thoughts will be in italics. Let's see what's on the table this week:


  • Have the Red Sox already separated themselves from everyone else in the A.L.? Are they the favorites to win the World Series? In a word...yes.
  • Is it me, or has the umpiring (specifically, calling balls and strikes) been absoultely terrible this season? It's fine if you're gonna call a strike a little off the black, but for God's sake, be consistent!
  • Will the Phillies and Cubs meet in the N.L. Championship game? And where's the love for Sweet Lou Pinella? People get on his case when his teams lose, but the Cubs are playing pretty good ball right now. I like the Cubs, but I think the Phillies are poised to win the N.L. They're built for the playoffs just like the Red Sox are.
  • Speaking of the Cubs, can they survive a full 6 weeks without Soriano? Umm...maybe. They were 9-5 without him earlier this season, but 6 weeks is a long time. Considering baseball is such a "streaky" sport, they're gonna miss his consistentcy over this long stretch.


Just one question here:

  • Should the Bengals trade Chad Johnson? the Ravens ;).

NBA Finals

  • Is the series over? Where has Kobe been in the 4th quarter of this series? How did the "tough" Western Conference soften up the Lakers? I don't ever count out Phil Jackson. Kobe has been disappointing, despite his scoring numbers...he hasn't dominated a game like an MVP should. In any event, it's gonna be hard to take one in Boston regardless of whether or not they win tomorrow.
  • Who is the Finals MVP? Paul Pierce. Hands down.
  • Has the officiating been fair? Any speculation about Donaghy-gate? looks good to me. And with all of the investigating going on I don't expect anymore problems from NBA refs for a very long time.

UEFA Euro 2008

  • Who is the best team in this tournament? I think Portugal will end up winning it all, but the Netherlands has dominated the tournament so far. If I had to chose, I'd still pick Portugal
  • Is there any doubt in anyone's mind as to who the best player in the world is? The shouldn't be...Cristiano Ronaldo is a freakin' stud. Unlike Ronaldinho, he doesn't disappear in big games, as proven by his play in the Premier and Champions league finals.


  • Has there ever been a better rap album than Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III? Tough to answer this one because it just dropped, but this is right up there with 50 Cents first album in that you can play it all the way through. Best track = Got Money ft. T Pain.

Tune in next week for more points to ponder. I'm out. Happy Father's Day!


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