The Minnesota Vikings currently have 3 unsuccessful, underachieving, inexperienced quarterbacks on their 2009-10 rosters.They also have the 22nd draft pick that they more than likely won't be using on any potential quarterbacks in this years draft, but yet to me, they're not in that bad of a situation. Lets take a look at the three QB's.

John David Booty, the youngest of the trio, Originally drafted by the Vikings in the 5th round (137) of the 2008 NFL Draft out of NCAA powerhouse USC, and well that's where it stops. He's started in 1 preseason game in his short career, has no NFL experience and seems to lack the desire to want to prove himself and step up to a vacant starting position in Minnesota. John David has an average arm and was a good college athlete. Maybe with a couple of years on the sideline he could develop into the kind of quarterbacks that teams game-plan against, but he will never get there sitting on the Vikings sideline. Best case scenario for Mr. Booty, gain as much knowledge as you can at Minnesota, try your damnedest to get traded to any team (Beside the 49ers) and prove yourself elsewhere because this is not where you need nor want to be.

Lets move on to Sage Rosenfels. Acquired through Houston for a 2009 5th round draft pick early this off-season which seems so long ago, Rosenfels is a 8 year pro, brings minimal experience to the Vikings and even less talent. He possibly has the worst decision making at starting quarterback (hopefully former) in the NFL besides Alex Smith or Derrick Anderson, which is not a compliment. Here's a quick rundown on Sage, Originally entered the NFL as a 4th-round draft pick (#109) by Washington in 2001, traded from Washington to Miami during 2002 preseason, spent 2002-05 seasons with Miami and 2006-08 with Houston, signed as a free agent with Houston on 3/12/06…Went on injured reserve with broken throwing wrist on 11/28/06 and has sucked since. He has played in 32 games making 12 starts and has been a suitable career backup. He does have some good traits to him, being sacked only 19 times in 562 attempts, his mobility and arm accuracy is not the issue, more so his arm strength and his horrible decision making. After getting plenty of playing time and doing decent in Houston he might be ready to take Minnesota to the next level if he's willing to do his part, and that I promise will not be easy.

Which brings us to the last of the bunch, Tarvaris Jackson. The 3rd year player out of Alabama State has the most potential to be a starter on any NFL team. His lack of experience is his only downfall. Jackson however did step up last season to help the Vikings clinch the NFC North over Chicago and was named NFC player of the week for his performance against Arizona. As bout as gifted as it gets in terms of  mobility in the NFL and has an average arm. Makes plays with his feet but still has the know-how to get the ball downfield successfully. Jackson is by far the most talented quarterback on the roster or in this years draft (That means you Stafford) so its hard to believe that even with Rosenfels "NFL experience" and David's college profile, Jackson wont be the starter, but this might be reality. Tarvaris, keep stepping up and doing what you need to and even Childress will see the talent you have. Like me, a majority of Minnesota fans are behind you but you still need to make the plays you need to and forcefully take that starting position that I would take but refuse to play for Childress. Do it for the Hood TJack

The solution to the quarterback problem in Minnesota is..........FIRE CHILDRESS, HE SUCKS AND WE WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL WITH HIM COACHING OUR TEAM. We have plenty of talent and we just need a QB to make defenses pull 9 men out to box so A.P. can do his thing. GO VIKINGS

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