We just updated our latest edition of the bowl projections. Penn State losing at Iowa has completely shaken up the BCS bowl games. We've looked at the schedules and have concluded this will be the BCS standings after the regular season.

  1. Texas (They will have the higher BCS ranking and win the Big 12 South and defeat Missouri in the Big 12 championship.)

  2. Florida (Defeats Alabama in the SEC championship.)

  3. Alabama

  4. Oklahoma

  5. Texas Tech (Tech's celebration ends at Oklahoma.)

  6. USC

  7. Penn State

  8. Utah

  9. Boise State

  10. Ohio State

These standings result in these BCS bowl game match-ups.

  • Championship Game – Texas vs. Florida

  • Fiesta – Texas Tech(The Fiesta gets on the Tech bandwagon and dashes Oklahoma's BCS bid.) vs. Utah (Utah receives their second BCS bid in the Fiesta bowl.)

  • Rose – Penn State vs. USC

  • Sugar – Alabama vs. Boise State(Ohio State loses a bid from the undefeated Broncos. The Sugar Bowl prays the Broncos play better than Hawaii last season.)

  • Orange – Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina (Will anyone watch this game?)

This scenario brings complete BCS chaos. This will result in seven one-loss teams in the nation and two non-BCS teams undefeated. All of them have an argument to be in the national championship game. Doesn't a Utah-Texas, Penn State-Florida, USC-Florida, and Oklahoma-Texas Tech first round in an eight team playoff sound better than this BCS joke?

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