It's going to be a long winter. The Super Bowl is over, the commericals put to bed (although there were some that should have been put out of their misery - and ours!), the Giants are the kings of the NFL hill. The Pro Bowl is the last chance that we guys have to be couch spuds (there's basketball until baseball season starts), the last chance we get the television to ourselves.  

The game has been played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii, since January 1980. The NFL was exploring the possibility of moving the Pro Bowl to the host site of the Super Bowl, and holding it the weekend before the Super Bowl starting in 2009. However, the league decided to retain the 2009 game in Honolulu. I hope that not only they keep the game in Hawaii but the NFL rewards Honolulu with an NFL franchise when expansion time comes.

This year's game is on FOX. No, no Joe Buck or Troy Aikman. The Fox guys will send the number two team. What I would give to see Tony Siragusa in a Hawaiian print shirt. I am also going to make a prediction. NFC 34, AFC 31.

So sit back, enjoy the last of football, guys. I think I hear the womenfolk writing the "Honey Do" lists.


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