If you read our last blog entry you will know that we decided to make things a little more interesting than just our standard 6 premiership predictions for the selected fixtures this weekend. We compared our predictions against a well known professional pundit and laid down the gauntlet fancying our chances of beating him. So without further a do here are the results:

Fixtures and Results: Liverpool v Man Utd = Home Win Blackburn v Arsenal = Away Win Portsmouth v Middlesbrough = Home Win Man City v Chelsea = Away Win Stoke v Everton = Away Win Spurs v Aston Villa = Away Win

Our Predictions: Away Win Home Win Draw Home Win Away Win Away Win

Pundit Predictions: Draw Draw Home Win Away Win Draw Home Win

As you can see from the table above we are equal with the famous pundit, we both got 2 of our six predictions correct. While we are a little dissapointed we have taken a drop in accuracy from our maintained 50% record but drawing with a professional in our first week of trying is certainly something we will take heart from! We would love to award ourselves bonus points for not sitting on the fence in the big Liverpool v Man Utd clash and for having the guts to go against the grain and select Man City for a home win over the mighty Chelsea but as we are challenging a pro we were always going to have to be the ones taking the risks. So as it stands it is points shared with our opponent, We cant wait to see how we do next week!

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