We wont mention him by name but there is a famous pundit who publishes his predictions for the weekends premiership game on a very popular website. Comparing our predictions with his for six of this weekends games our opinions couldnt be more different so we decided to have a face off! Us versus him, premiership predictions versus premiership predictions, its an exciting prospect! No doubt we will be humbled as this guy is a former professional and top pundit but we have the balls to take him on!

This is who we are up against. Obviously we have protected his identity by blocking out his eyes and adding a ridiculously camp moustache.

Our Predictions: Liverpool v Manchester United: Away Win Blackburn v Arsenal: Home Win Portsmouth v Middlesbrough: Draw Manchester City v Chelsea: Home Win Stoke City v Everton: Away Win Tottenham v Aston Villa: Away Win

Famous pundits predictions: Liverpool v Manchester United: Draw Blackburn v Arsenal: Draw Portsmouth v Middlesbrough: Home Win Manchester City v Chelsea: Away Win Stoke City v Everton: Draw Tottenham v Aston Villa: Home Win

As you can see we dont agree on a single result. This will be interesting.

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