Ian Poulter is ranked 22nd in the world and has seven European Tour wins to his credit but failed to qualify for the 12-man team that beat United States in the 2006 Ryder Cup at the K Club in Ireland. Now he's calling out Tiger Woods. Ian, a piece of advice for you, mate. SHUT THE HELL UP! You're not even in the top ten and you want to call out the greatest golfer in our time? Wait your turn. He's got Phil to deal with, then maybe he'll fool with you. You are going to challenge TW? Please! It's like asking Bugs Bunny if he wants another carrot.

Poulter made the comment  that he was "the only player capable of challenging the supremacy of Tiger Woods" in an interview int he upcoming March issue of Golf World Magazine. Poulter also posed in his birthday suit in the same magazine. Fortunately, parts are covered.

Poulter needs to concentrate on golf and not being the Ali of the links. In the words of Mike and Mike, JUST SHUT UP!

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