Duke and Virginia Tech. They both won't exactly be sending roses to each other Valentines Day. It seems that one Hokie player thinks he's the second coming of Detroit bad boy Bill Lambier. Deron Washington, a 6-7 senior forward-guard from New Orleans, thought he was part of the Pistons instead of the Virginia Polytechnic and State University Hokie basketball program when he got into (or tried to) the Duke huddle. This didn't sit well with the Blue Devils. This is not the first time that this young man has had a run in with Coach K's guys.

Last year, when the two teams met in Blacksburg, Mr. Washington fouled a Blue Devil player hard and kicked the guy (not nearly as hard as Dennis Rodman!). Did the chippiness end this year? No. In addition to the aformentioned attempt to spy on Duke, Washington fouled a couple of Duke players hard, undercutting one and tried to trip another. 

Washington would foul out of the contest with 12 points in 34 minutes played.

My advice to Mr. Washington. Play nice. These Duke players know how the game is played. You disgraced yourself and may have brought some shame to your program and yourself as well. I would be thankful that you and Duke didn't meet again this season, unless you're paired in the ACC Tournament or the NCAA. I wouldn't be suprised if Coach K sent the game tape to the ACC higher ups.  

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