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Last night was the perfect situation for seven defensive innings for the New York Mets. The Mets got an early lead after a David Wright RBI double, and Johan Santana had to go out and face a team that has been a thorn in the side of the Mets and their fans. Most Mets fans won’t tell you this today, but, they (we) were very nervous about this start. Although he pitched well against every team, he gives up home runs, and Citizen Bank Ballpark is a park where routine fly balls into doubles are homeruns. With a one run lead going into the bottom of the first, Santana struck out So Taguchi and Chase Utley looking, in between a line drive out by Jayson Werth and the dominating force he was last night. In fact, when Utley hit his homerun in the seventh, only the second hit Santana gave up, it felt like an aberration. Last night was not only his best game in this early season, but he played it at the best time.
  1. Aaron Heilman scares every Mets fan right now
  2. But, he needs to be in tight situations like last night
  3. Just happy Santana gets his second win
  4. Whenever Luis Castillo gets up, I think of the scene during every Little League game where the other team says, “everyone move in”
  5. Very happy with Ryan Church as the 2 hitter
  6. Has anyone seen Endy Chavez?
  7. And yes, I know he played in the 14 inning game
  8. Patience is a virtue Yankee fans will have to have for Hughes and Kennedy
  9. LaTroy Hawkins can wear Paul O’Neill’s number; he didn’t want Babe Ruth's or Joe DiMaggio’s number, he wants Paul O’Neill.
  10. But, it shows how weak mentally he is, that he changed his number

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