Hope everyone has recovered from LSU-Ohio State. To all you Tiger fans, congrats. Personally, if I were a Buckeye fan, I would have rather lost to you than Florida. But enough about that. College football has two more showcase games, the Hula Bowl (wonder if we'll see the USC Song Girls in grass skirts) and the Senior Bowl in Mobile, a game that I have had the pleasure of covering twice for the Vanguard, the student newspaper at the University of South Alabama. Ladies, I know that there some sales out there this weekend but we menfolk have some football to watch, so hold off on the "Honey Do" lists. There are four games on the tap this weekend, so as the boxing announcer would say, "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!"

Saturday's Games

Seattle at Green Bay, 4:30 on FOX. Weather Channel calls for 54 degrees and overcast, considering that it's outside and on grass. Sheridan makes the Pack a 7 1/2 point favorite at home with the over-under 42 1/2 points. Take the Packers and the points.

Jacksonville at New England, 8 pm on CBS. 35 degrees at game time and overcast. Somewhat chilly but nothing like the "Tuck Rule" game. Sheridan has the Patriots as a 13 point favorite at Gillette. Take the Pats but give the 13. This one could be closer, given what the Jags did to Pittsburgh last week. The over-under is 49.

Sunday's Games

San Diego at Indianapolis, 1 pm on CBS. Game's indoors. Where's Cheryl Lemke when you need her? Colts are 8 1/2 better than the Chargers, who may or may not be without the services of Antonio Gates. The Colts haven't had Marvin Harrison for a while, either. So... take the Colts and the 8 1/2. The over-under? 46.

New York Giants at Dallas, 4:30 on FOX. Sunny and 51. The 'Boys are 7 1/2 points better, so says Mr. Sheridan. The over-under is 47. Now, given the fact that Dallas has beaten the "Jersey" Giants twice means nothing if Romo is distracted by Jessica Simpson, Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpsom, Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson or O.J. Simpson and if TO does not recover from the high ankle sprain suffered against Carolina. On the other hand, if Eli Manning has as bad a game as he had against Washington a few weeks ago, there might be some hell to pay in the Big Apple. Take the Cowboys (and the Indians) and give the points.

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