Okay, I had a pretty good week of picking the playoff games. The only letdown was Tampa Bay losing to Eli and the G-Men. This week, it's all about survival. The top seeds (New England, Indy, Dallas and Green Bay) are rested and will be watching game film of their opponents. Here's how I see next week's games. Ladies, once again, we've got football to watch, so please, don't drag us to the mall or give us any "Honey Do" lists.

Saturday's Games

Seattle at Green Bay - Seattle struggled against the Redskins, who to their credit, played as well as they could during the season, despite the injuries, Sean Taylor's death and the timeout fiasco. The Seahawks willed themselves to win when their backs were against the wall and it will take more than Matt Hasslebeck's arm and the return of the Walrus (Holmgren) to the Frozen Tundra. This was also the same Hasslebeck who said in a coin toss the last time these two met, "We're going to score." I think that the green and blue will run out of Starbucks against the Cheesheads. PACKERS take it on the Tundra.

Jacksonville at New England - Okay, Jacksonville scares the hell out of me. I hope that Brady, Moss, et al will take notice. This one's at night in Foxboro, which could hit 38 degrees at game time Saturday. It's also the home of the "Tuck Game" which still leaves a bad taste in John Gruden's mouth  Patriots close...

Sunday's Games

San Diego at Indianpolis - Peyton's rested. The Chargers struggled against the Houston Oiler wannabe's but managaed to win one in the rain. This time, the Bolts get on the plane and fly to Indy. The crowd there will be pumped, so SD better bring earplugs. At least one Manning will be successful. C-O-L-T-S!

New York Giants at Dallas - The Manning brother fest concludes in Dallas. Eli's gotten that playoff monkey off his back. This time, that monkey's a full grown gorilla in the form of TO, Romo and others. COWBOYS.




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