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In anticipation of the upcoming NFL playoffs, I've taken the liberty to find a fan from each team in the Wild Card round and ask them some questions about them. Next up: The Jacksonville Jaguars.

For this interview I got TWO different Jaguars fans. First up is Jamile, a Jaguars fan who answered his teams calling on the NFL message boards. (Handle: DuvalJag904)

Football Crack (FC): What ever happened to Jack del Rio’s suits? Did he realize he and Mike Nolan were the only ones wearing them? Did the fans enjoy it?

Jamile: I think he wore it once this year for the Monday night game against the Colts. But this time he only wore a shirt and tie, I guess the jacket was too hot. I'm pretty sure he knew he and Nolan were the only coaches wearing it but he didn't care, he's all about being and looking like a professional. Yea, the fans enjoyed it, it got us on ESPN didn't it? Haha!

FC: Is there a Jaguars fan nickname for the Fred Taylor/M.J.D. duo? Something like Thunder and Lightning? Maurice Jones Taylor? I’m aware that those nicknames suck… there just examples, but I’ve always wondered this.

Jamile: Nope, no nicknames. We call Fred: Freddie T and we call MJD: Mojo, Superman, Bowling Ball, and Pinball. I think ESPN did a special on the Mayne Event about all of his nicknames.

FC: Before David Garrard got the starting job what was the fan reaction to him? Did you guys want him to start over Byron Leftwich?

Jamile: Fans were highly in favor of Garrard or any other quarterback except for Leftwich for that matter. You have to think about it, Leftwich was the 7th pick in the draft, so a lot was expected from him but he never delivered because of all his injuries. Whenever Garrard got in the game he always performed well until last season when he single-handily lost the last three games of the season causing us to miss the playoffs. But this preseason the coaches saw him progressing while Leftwich stayed the same, and we all know what happened after that.

FC: What was your favorite moment of the regular season?

Jamile: Beating the Steelers in Jacksonburgh, I mean Pittsburgh, in there weather conditions and at there game, which is running the ball, stopping the run and physically dominating the other team. It was fun to see the "loyal" Steeler fans leaving Heinz Field with almost a whole quarter left to play.

FC: What about the worst moment?

Jamile: Losing to the Colts on Monday Night, when David Garrard got hurt… I knew it was over.

FC: What's your prediction for the Jags/Steelers game?

Jamile: Of course, the Jaguars: 34-21. The Steelers will play their hardest and they will get a lot of help from their fans but still won't be enough. They have too many injuries with no depth to replace the injured players and we are just more talented than they are, its that simple. If you stop our running game, we have the luxury this year of passing the ball with Garrard.

FC: What do you drink, if anything, during a Jaguars game?

Jamile: 2 Elevens, their pretty popular down south. Its like a very strong beer. One can will have you feeling good. I plan on drinking a couple this week!

FC: If you had to think of a motto for this year, off the top of your head -- what would it be? Real quick!

Jamile: Get the job done!

FC: Who is your choice for the MVP of the Jaguars for the 2007-08 season?

Jamile: Fred Taylor, he is the face of the franchise. At 31, he's still the best player on our team, we wouldn't be in the playoffs without Freddie T!

FC: And the big question: What's your prediction for the year?

Jamile: I think we will beat the Steelers and give the Patriots a run for their money. Our running game eats up a lot of clock and that’s the best defense to the best offense of all time.

FC: Of course you'll give the Pats a run for their money, but your not going to win, haha! Thanks for the interview, Jamile. Great job!


Next up, another die-hard Jaguars fan: Robert (Handle: Leeway04).

FC: Is there a nickname for the Jaguars team as a whole and/or the offense/defense this year? A la, Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain, and Minnesota's Purple People Eaters?

Robert: Teal Curtain. The Duval Wall.

FC: Jacksonville had a lot of draft picks in the past draft. Out of the one's that played, who is your Jaguars Rookie of the Year?

Robert: Reggie Nelson...great fill in for DD (Donovan Darius) and set the rookie interception record for the franchise...maybe I'm a bit biased being a Gator, but i think he has had the greatest impact.

FC: Put Fred Taylor in a time machine and send him back in time to whatever age MJD is (early 20's). Put them side by side. You can only keep one on the team... who is it and why?

Robert: Freddie....Better all-purpose back and while MJD is a great utility player, that's exactly what he is...a utility player (good for kickoffs and certain scenarios)...he isn't an every down back.

FC: As a fan, who are your biggest rivals? Still the Colts/Titans, or is it the Bucs cause they live so close?

Robert: 5 years ago? The Titans due to the 99 season... but now? The Colts...they stand between us and the division title every year.

FC: Good stuff, Robert. And that's it! Stay tuned for the two remaining Saturday playoff teams tomorrow (Redskins and Seahawks)!

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