As with last week, I’m interviewing fans of particular playoff teams. This week however, my interviewee is none other than our very own Alex Holowczak! Let’s get started.

Football Crack (FC): Be honest, did you want Brett Favre to retire at the conclusion of last year’s season?

Alex: I wanted Brett Favre to play on, because I thought that Favre was better than Rodgers. I still think he is better than Rodgers. I do think he should retire at the end of this season, though. 2007 was his last hurrah, and it would be great if he got to another Super Bowl.

(FC) I ended up taking Priest Holmes with my last free agent pickup in my fantasy league (I know, I know) although I almost took Ryan Grant. Do you think he’s for real? What do you think he’ll do next season?

Alex: I honestly don't know. I think next year will be more of an indication. Everyone thought Larry Johnson was unbelievable when he started out, but he dipped in form in his second real year. I certainly believe he is Green Bay's Number 1 at RB. Brandon Jackson was horrible, although Deshawn Wynn was good too. I would wait until next season before passing judgement. Of course, he could just be benefiting from a good O-line.

(FC) What do you drink, if anything during Packer games?

Alex: I drink Fruit Juice - I usually watch them on with the scrolling scoreboard. I can't really pop down the road to Lambeau Field.

(FC) Out of the rookies that played this season, who is your Green Bay Packer Rookie of the Year?

Alex: James Jones. He could be potentially a great NFL reciever. I've also been hugely impressed with Mason Crosby though, but I suppose I'd have to go with Jones because kickers always get overlooked. Both are on my keeper league, and I'm glad to have them!

(FC) Do you own a pair of Wrangler jeans?

Alex: Do I own Wrangler jeans? As it happens, no. But then, I don't own any jeans...

(FC) What’s your prediction for the Packers/Seahawks game?

Alex: I think the Packers are too good for the Seahawks, especially at Lambeau Field. I think we are stronger on both sides of the ball, and I would like to think we can beat Seattle. I also hope we win, because SSreporters was very cocky in the Seahawks-Redskins game, so I'd like it to be the Packers that end the Seahawks dreams.

(FC) What about your prediction for the year? Do you think they can beat the Patriots?

Alex: Can we beat the Patriots? No. But I think Indianapolis can if they get the chance too. I think Green Bay can beat Indianapolis, but not New England. I can't see us beating Dallas though in Dallas. So I think our challenge may end in Dallas if we have to go there.

(FC): I’m going to be honest: at the beginning of the season when the Packers started off hot, I kept predicting week after week that they would eventually fall off and suck for the rest of the season. Yes, I’m retarded, I know. What was the general Packers fan consensus going into this season? Were you surprised that they were doing so well?

Alex: I think 2006 was a good rebuilding year. 8-8 with an inexperienced squad was a good achievement. 2007 just built on it. Last year's players were all 1 year more experienced, and I think it helped a lot. They got to grips with the gameplan more than they did last year. Brett Favre said the team was hugely talented, and it seems like he was right. I personally didn't think we'd do this well, maybe make the playoffs, but they've exceeded my expectations. I thought the Pack would do well because the schedule was fairly easy to them, especially compared to our division rivals.

(FC) How did you become a fan of the Packers?

Alex: Madden 2000, I picked a random team, and it was the Packers.

(FC) How do you watch Packers games since you live in the U.K.?

Alex: I watch most on In the regular season, we get Sunday and Monday night games live, so if the Pack play then, I'll record them and watch the following evening. The evening games start at 3am ish. The 1pm ET starts are 6pm here, so they are easy enough to track on The Super Bowl will be live, so I would watch that if the Pack were in it. But even that would finish at nigh on 3am. And I have to be up at 5:30.

(FC) Who is the MVP of the 2007-08 Green Bay Packers?

Alex: Brett Favre, without a shadow of a doubt. He's been exceptional.

(FC) This has absolutely nothing to do with sports, I’m sorry, but whenever I talk to someone who is from the U.K. I ask them this. What is your favorite U.K. candy bar? What about your favorite American candy bar? Have you had that chocolate bar with the little air bubbles in it?

Alex: Little air bubbles in it? I can remember "Aeros", if that's what you mean. They're nice, I must admit. To be fair, if you say the phrase "candy bar" to anyone in Britain, you're liabel to have "stupid Yank", or phrases to that extent thrown back at you. On similar lines, it's a good job you don't have to spell favourite in front of them! But my favourite sweets... Well, I live in the Black Country, it's an old industrial heartland. If you google maps it, and look at the UK, type in Dudley, West Midlands, and I live about a mile away from that. Fairly near to Birmingham. The Black Country is famous for having traditional confectioners, and they produce a lot of good "sweets". Hard-boiled, mainly. I'm thinking of "Strawberries and Cream", "Blackcurrent and Raspberries", "Pear drops", "cola bites", and other such things along those lines. Favourite American "candy"? I don't really know which confectioners are American. Also, Birmingham is the home of "Cadbury", who are the most famous chocolate manufacturers over here. Unless "Rowntrees" are American, because Fruit Gums, or Fruit Pastilles are quite popular. Haribo, are they American? They sell well, too.


                          Aero chocolate = Delicious

(FC) What would the motto be for the Packers 2007-08 season off the top of your head? Real quick!

Alex: Brett Favre's last hurrah.

(FC) Excellent answers Alex, thank you for your time!

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