Known as the "eighth wonder of the world," home to "Love Ya Blue," the "Game of the Century" between the University of Houston and UCLA, the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, the Houston Astros and Katrina survivors, the Astrodome sits silently as its new neighbor, Reliant Stadium, takes centre stage for rodeos, bowl games and Houston Texans games.

It may or may not draw its last breath soon, a victim to the wrecking ball because some say the old girl is getting older. If that is the case, then let me propose this.

1. The Astros play one last regular season game in the place and wear those orange striped jerseys. They could even let Craig Biggio coach a base.

2. The Texans play a regular game wearing the Oilers colors.

3. UCLA and Houston play a pick up game with the stars from that classic game, Hayes vs. Alcindor for charity and scholarship money for both schools.

4. U of H and Rice do battle for the Bayou Bucket one last time... in classic uniforms.

5. Since Bobby Riggs is dead and Billy Jean King has since retired, why not have Serena Williams and Roger Federer do battle in a new battle of the sexes, with part o the proceeds going to breast cancer research?

lf the old girl is going to die, then let her do it on her terms. Let her go out as a champion and a place for hope when there was no hope. Let the Katrina survivors tell their story in their words so that no one will ever forget. That would be a proper farewell.

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