“It was a good football play” That is what every one has said about Bernard Pollard’s hit on Tom Brady in week one of the NFL season. The hit ended Tom Brady’s season. And yes it was a football play; he wasn’t out there playing baseball. I also respect the NFL’s decision for ruling it a clean hit, and I respect the man for not giving up on the play, that is what you are taught through out your entire sporting life. I personally think it was not a clean hit, as I believe that no matter what position a player is playing you should never hit him or her below the knees. This could just be because I have had two serious knee injuries’. My first knee injury was caused by a player who hit me with his knee directly on my knee, an illegal hit in hockey, this hit caused two fractures in my left knee cap and changed the way I saw things, especially on hits on or below the knees. So now I think no matter who makes the hit I think they should be penalized, I was glad to see Vince Wilfork get fined last year when he hit J.P. Losman. Any contact to any ones knee can be serious and is not something to fool around with.

I do not hold a grudge with Pollard, as he was just giving it his all. The people I have a problem with are the ones who cheer when a player is hurt. Tom Brady is the NFL MVP; the league does not want to lose him. Some teams may secretly be relieved to see they don’t need to stop Brady. But I would like to point out that Patriot fans are not celebrating Shawne Merriman season ending knee surgery. Or the possibility that Ben Roethlisberger may be hurt. Instead of keeping it to them selves and being excited that the Steelers have a chance to now win the AFC do to Brady’s injury and the Chargers and Colts struggles, some fans are trying to make money off of Brady’s injury. Bernard Pollard fan club t-shirts? This is disgusting. No one should ever celebrate an injury. At least that is what I was taught; maybe they are different in Pittsburgh.

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