Pitt Returns to Form...But Still Loses

[1] Padgett's clutch play down the stretch ensured victory for the Cards Seeing just the stats, Pitt fans would be very pleased with what went down on Sunday at the Petersen Events Center. Pitt shot 45%. They made six threes. Scored 73 points. Got monster games from Blair and Young. Only 4 turnovers. No incredibly stupid mistakes. No 5-minute stretches where the game was completely lost. Fields started the game. Ramon hit a three as the final buzzer sounded.

Pitt lost, 75-73.

The only thing Pitt fans should take away from this one is that Louisville is a good team. Really good. Proof? They've won 7 straight. Only team to beat Pitt twice in the Pete. Ranked as high as 18 (and will move up). Most importantly, they beat a Pitt team that actually played quite a solid game. The Panthers were just not as good as the Cards were on Sunday, and it cost them, barely. It seemed like Pitt trailed by amounts ranging from 1-6 for the entire game, and every time Pitt made a game-changing play, the Cards would come right back and score. Give them credit. Get off Pitt's back. They played a very good game and to me, looked ready to end the funk they are stuck in. Blair was a force with 20 points. Young scored 20 points while playing fundamental, unselfish basketball. The only thing lacking was defense, but I'll give credit to Louisville for this one. Pitt was hungry and played hard, and Louisville still hung on. If the Panthers play the same way, they shouldn't have trouble with their four remaining games, Cincy, WVU, Syracuse, and DePaul. That should give them momentum for the Big East tournament run Pitt always seems to make. Fields has improved and will continue to do so. Who knows, maybe Pitt is saving their run this year for a little longer so they can actually WIN the BE championship game and make a deeper run in the NCAA's. I know with all the bubble discussion that has already started, a March run seems a long way off, but don't wave the white flag yet, Pitt fans. I don't think the Panthers will, either.

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