Struggles at Marquette Continue

[1] Everything went right for Marquette last night

The Panthers, for the third time this year, were simply not in the gym during a 54-72 loss at Marquette last night. I don't think I need to post a detailed recap of this one, just look at what happened against Rutgers and Dayton. Then subsitute the opponent for a ranked team that is 12-1 at home that just happens to always play well against Pitt. Levance Fields played, but didn't help. There was to be no stopping of Marquette last night. When Pitt starts missing shots, letting up easy baskets, and not getting calls, they just completely fall apart. This team can recover from a bad break but not multiple bad breaks. Marquette was on fire and nothing went right for Pitt. That sounds boring and obvious, but it's really the best (and only) way to describe what happened. Pitt Blather has some more detailed thoughts.

Pitt will now fall from the rankings and has a contest at Notre Dame next. The Irish are ranked and haven't lost at home in over a year. Luckily Pitt has until Thursday to prepare. Pitt needs this one, and don't be surprised to see them pull the upset. Still, it won't be easy.

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