Spring Training Notes

In the past few days, there hasn't been any real meaningful Pirate news, but it's tough not to pay attention once the team is together again and there are daily reports out of Bradenton. Two things that did catch my eye were pieces about players that may not dominate (or even make the team) on the field, but really seem to make an impact in the cubhouse and/or with the media. Masumi Kuwata and Doug Mientkiewicz are two guys that simply love to play baseball, and that's why they came to camp. Read more on Masumi here and Doug here.

In other news, the Pirates have shown interest in using Doumit as the primary backup catcher this season. I don't think this is a surprise since we didn't end up with catchers in free-agency and no one effective is waiting in the wings (Indy).

Position players are due to report today and the first full-squad workout is tomorrow.

Some old news, 1st round pick (5th best overall pitcher, taken 3rd overall, nice one Dave Littlefield) Daniel Moskos is going to be converted into a starter. I can't really relate to this since I haven't seen him pitch, so I'm really just still trying to figure out why we drafted him. Hopefully the kid will pan out.

First spring training game is on the 27th (vs. Manatee Community College) with real games following almost every day after. Opening day is 40 days away, March 31 in Atlanta.

Thanks to Bucs Dugout and WHYGAVS for all those links. With a bunch of irrelevant news and Pitt hoops still much more entertaining you may want to check those sites out for more detailed coverage until the season nears.

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