For most of you this is an introduction to the twisted thoughts that storm through my brain, otherwise known as Pip's Bad Ideas.

I love fake tournaments to determine silly things. For example a radio station near me does an NCAA style tournament to figure out the best Rock Band. A friend of mine, each year, tries to figure out the best Movie Villain. I want in on this completely unoriginal idea! What are we going to be deciding? The ridiculous method I will use to pick my brackets for the 2009 NCAA tournament. See I also love those asinine methods and having done the coin-flip one in college (10+ years ago) I want to do it again. Thing is I need your help. So I have picked the field, had someone go over my field to see if this is even a remotely entertaining or viable idea. Then I seeded my tournament and set the brackets.

The first round pairings:

(1) Coin Flip Drawn from a hat (2)
(32) Uniform (3rd jersey) Conference RPI (31)
(16) Free Throw Percentage Collegiate Bowling Rankings (15)
(17) Party school rank Three point percentage (18)
(24) My favorites Mascot costume (10)
(9) Most wins Graduation rate of athletes (23)
(8) Women's tourney seed Uniform colors (7)
(25) Number of upperclassmen on team Merchandise sales (26)
(5) Mascot fight Cheerleader's uniforms (6)
(28) Oldest school Historical performance (27)
(12) College Humor power ranking US News Academic Ranking (11)
(21) Alphabetical Last year's performance (22)
(13) Famous alumni Tuition (14)
(20) Pre-season ranking Location of school (19)
(4) Google fight Magic Eight Ball (3)
(29) Coaching tenure Play it straight (30)

Now, when choosing, forget about the sometimes obvious winner and think about the upsets! Think about which method will be a pain in my rear to do next season! Think which one will be the most fun! Click on the link below to view the actual brackets, to make predictions and to read a little more about each method. All question will be answered, except for "Dear God, Why?"

The awesome site I found randomly, allows you to predict the winners. That's fine, but votes shall be tabulated below in the comments plus votes I gather from elsewhere on the internet. Dates for voting are site and I shall update you with each rounds results.

Mock Madness 2008

PS - If this gets moved to the locker room that is ok with me, and all updates will go there.

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