Runner on 1st base. The steal is on. You're on first base with the steal sign from the third base coach. You take off a little bit too early and the pitcher fires over to 1st base. What should you do?

Here's what NOT to do: STOP!

Run hard and run directly at the middle infielder covering 2nd base to put yourself in the throwing lane. More often than not, you will be safe at 2nd base. By taking this approach, you will force the 1st baseman to make a perfect throw.

Coaches' Tip: With a righthanded pitcher, runners should not be leaving before the pitcher has committed himself to the plate. However, you might consider going on a lefty pitcher's 1st move because it is much harder to swap a base off a lefty. If you include the first move steal in your strategy, be sure to stress the Pick & Go approach.

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