This is a great time of year for prognostications, so let’s compare the everyday position players for the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets. I hope this rivalry builds and stays with us for a long time.

Note: This does not take into account the rash of injuries suffered by those poor Mets. This assumes both teams are at full strength.

Second Note: The numbers in parentheses are what's helping me keep track as we go along in the article.

Carlos Ruiz: Solid defense, No. 8 hitter.
Brian Schneider: Solid defense, No. 8 hitter.
Edge: Pick ‘em (yawn) (1-1)

First Base:
Ryan Howard: 105 HR in his first two full seasons.
Carlos Delgado: Once a superstar, now showing his age.
Edge: Phillies (2-1)

Second Base:
Chase Utley: Best in the game, hands down.
Luis Castillo: Good batting average, speed and defense.
Edge: Phillies (3-1)

Third Base:
Pedro Feliz: Great defense, good pop.
David Wright: Best 3B in the game this side of A-Rod.
Edge: Mets (3-2)

Jimmy Rollins: Backed up his talk with an MVP season.
Jose Reyes: Stopped running out ground balls when things got tough. Grow up.
Edge: Phillies (4-2)

Left Field
Pat Burrell: Quietly hit 30 HR with 97 RBI, now in a contract year.
Moises Alou: Brittle and older than dirt but can still rake.
Edge: Phillies (5-2)

Center Field
Shane Victorino: Great defense and stolen base threat.
Carlos Beltran: Five-tool stud.
Edge: Mets (5-3)

Right Field:
Geoff Jenkins/Jayson Werth: 40 combined HR is realistic.
Ryan Church: Who?
Edge: Phillies (6-3)

Yes, I’m a homer, but that’s a legit 5-2-1 advantage for the Phillies. Disagree? Let me hear it! Next up: Starting Pitchers.

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