As Spring training approaches this week for most teams, I am still oh so worried about the starting rotation of the Philadelphia Phillies. I'm fine with Cole Hamels; he's a 17-20 game winner with run production, but he needs to lay off the use of his change-up a bit. By the end of the year hitters were starting to attack his change, and it started to get ugly. It really irritated me when the Phillies brass and a lot of fans actually think that Brett Myers was the missing piece to this rotation, I don't think so, whatsoever. He was a mediocre maybe average starter at best. His last three seasons as a starter was a combined 36-26 with a 4.38 ERA, even in the NL that isn't impressive. He was a perfect fit as the closer, now the Phillies are going to throw him back into pitching 6-7 innings against his wishes? What this was fans was just a sneaky way to get out of spending money out in the market for a name or even a trade. The Phillies are cheap and it's going to show through Spring Training when these pitchers get on that mound.

Kyle Kendrick, I'm not going to throw my eggs in the basket for him just yet. Now there's tapes of this guy. Hitters are going to adjust and hopefully Kendrick worked on what he can do to get better. He's still very young so the room for improvement is wide, so that is the good news. Adam Eaton, well I'm not going to waste anymore space on him, the Phills have done that for him already. I really don't know what Moyer can give to the Phillies this year; I hope that it's not to much to ask for 11-13 wins and a little less than the 5.01 era he put up last season. This upcoming Spring Training proposes a lot of questions that haven't been answered by the Phillies management. According to what I heard from Pat Gillick, one more move could be in the works for a nice arm either in rotation or the pen.

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