The San Francisco Giants and Pedro Feliz have officially seperated after the 3rd basemen signed a 2 year, 8.5 million dollar deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Obviously, if you've read my posts over the last 3 months, you know how satisfied I am that the Giants will finally have someone other than Pedro Feliz manning 3rd base for them in 2008. Through all his struggles with the bat (career .288 OBP), Feliz did some good things for the San Francisco Giants. He played very solid defense at a position that isn't easy, and I still think he has one of the best arms of any 3rd basemen in baseball. However, his bat is one that is better suited for a balanced lineup, one in which he could hit 7th or 8th where he isn't counted on being a high average or on-base percentage guy. With the 2008 Giants who are rebuilding and could use 3rd base as a spot to put a young, power hitter, he made absolutely no sense, and I'm glad Brian Sabean realized it. With the Phills, who have Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Pat Burrell to fill out their lineup, Feliz can sit nicely at the bottom of the order hack away. He should go onto have a nice year with the Phillies and will be more productive and better defensively than what they had there last season. Not a bad move for Philly, but I'm still surprised Feliz got a multi-year deal.

Now the question is, who replaces Feliz? I still think the Giants will go outside of the organization to fill the hole. As much as I like Kevin Frandsen and wouldn't mind getting him at-bats at 3rd base, his future is at 2nd and thats where he could be as early as the second half of 2008. The other option, Rich Aurilia, cannot be counted on being anything more than a part time player at this point in his career. He also has the least range of any Giant infielder on their roster. There have been some rumblings about Joe Crede possibly rejoining his buddy Aaron Rowand in SF, but if that is going to happen, the Giants are going to wait and see how Crede's back responds this spring before making any kind of deal. Crede is also going to be a free agent after the year, so the Giants should not need to part with too much in order to obtain him. The White Sox need a center fielder and leadoff hitter and the Giants have a few guys who could do that (Rajai Davis, Dave Roberts). If a Crede trade is made, the Giants shouldn't have to include pitching. If the White Sox are demanding an arm, I'd just as soon see them sign Dallas McPherson or Morgan Ensberg, who are both looking for a home 2 weeks prior to spring reporting dates.

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